About the Show

Cannonball and Harvey’s appeal was more than simply a series of entertaining sketches. It was symbolic of two actors ad-libing routines and knowing where each other was headed with the bit. The TV show Hotel Balderdash was a fusion of comedy and music with a twist of melodrama.

These routines were some of the earliest antics of slapstick and adult humor during the 1970’s. Today we are reenacting them in old time radio fashion. While recreating the jokes and routines we’ve added laugh tracks and sound effects. This makes them more professional and entertaining.


Harvey B

Hotel Balderdash was a children’s television show in the 1970’s with three zany hosts: Cannonball, Harvey and Raymond. These characters performed jokes, melodrama and slapstick routines each morning and afternoon in 7 western states from the studio’s of KCPX/KTVX television. Cannonball and Harvey performed songs, jokes and comedy routines. These routines are being relived on the website. Enjoy.